Goan Sea Food

Goa has a new Seafood Community; Fishatarian (Seafood Lovers)
All over India the food loving people divide themselves only into two broad categories; one is Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian. In the full of India, Pure Vegetarian people and even simple Vegetarian communities do not eat any type of fish as it is a living animal.


Goa is only one such unique place on the full map of India where many Hindus call themselves Vegetarian but cannot refrain (avoid) from eating Fish. Goans of all communities love fish so much that many call them Fishatarian.

Fish Xit (Rice) Coddi (Curryy) in Goa
Ask any Goan born or living in Goa, as to what he eats daily for his/her lunch or Dinner and pat will come the reply Xit Coddi which means Rice and Curry and always with some fish cooked in the curry. Thus the main and staple diet of Goa is Fish Curry and Plain Rice.

Goa is well-known all over the world for its Sea Food Cuisine
Major attractions of the Goan Seafood Cuisine are King Fish, Mackerels, Squids, Baby Prawns, Crabs, Lobsters, Mussels, Oysters, Shell Fish, Pomfret, Shark, Tuna, Red Snapper, Sea Bass, Barracuda, Jumbo Tiger Prawns, Black Snapper, Concor etc.

Goan Seafood Restaurants by the Sea
Eating out in Goa, India, can be an out of the ordinary culinary experience. Goa is splattered with abundant restaurants offering Goan food, especially seafood or any other food that you want and these Goan restaurants such as Zeebop by the Sea are frequently situated by the beaches of Goa, giving you a only one of its kind situation of the setting sun blended with delicious sea-food and thirst-quenching Feni bang on some beautiful beach like Utorda in South Goa.

A Seafood Restaurant in Goa that is true to its Name.
This is one restaurant that is totally true to its name. Its identifying name is as creative as its food. It’s genuinely situated bang on a beach of Goa. It offers unobstructed views of the majestic Arabian Sea right in front of it. The Glorious Goan Sunset views and the Fresh Sea Breeze come free for Seafood lovers at, “Zeebop by the Sea”. The Goan Seafood Restaurant Zeebop by the Arabian Sea at Utorda beach in South Goa.

To Sea food lovers, Goa is a Gourmets Delight.

Most Goans would be of the same opinion that their preferred dish is the simple yet exotic fish curry and rice.  Seafood forms a central part of the Goan diet as it is high in protein.  Goa has a gorgeous coastline which yields bountiful supplies of fish all year round. The Goans skills in preparing and serving fish are well-known and famous too. The Arabian Sea in Goa has bestowed a huge variety of fish to Goans; kingfish, Pomfret, doumer, tuna, mackerel, crab, prawns, tiger prawns, shark, lobster, squid and mussels, and these are just few from the many more varieties available.

Goan Seafood is cooked in its own Un-Imitable Style of Cooking
Goans are exceptionally skilful at preparing fish in a wide array of ways. Sometimes for those who love fish, Sushi Style, very fresh fish is sliced thinly and served raw; Fish can also be marinated, normally in a Rechardo masala but this is no means the only way it is prepared. In Goa Fish is also poached, battered, fried, grilled and cooked on iron rods, Shashlik style. Most Seafood restaurants like Zeebop at Utorda beach in South Goa is famous for serving the freshest fish caught live in the Arabian Sea.

Some Special Fish Dishes from Zeebop Seafood Restaurant
Hera is a select few items picked from the Seafood Menu of Zeebop Restaurant.

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