Zeebop Beach Parties

Goa being blessed by hundreds of beaches is naturally synonymous with many parties happening on the wonderful beaches. Maximum number of tourists and travellers and holiday makers love the beach, so the best place to party is at the beach itself. Beach parties in Goa are an inventive & innovative way of throwing a lavish party bang on the beach.


With over 22 years of hospitable service to the Tourism Industry of Goa, Zeebop has carved its name amongst the top class beach restaurants of Goa. A beautiful beach dining experience with good food for the body, scintillating Goan Music for the Soul and Goan Feni or International Wines to tame your Spirits. Zeebop has nothing but the best to offer to its clients wanting to organize any type of parties at Zeebop.

Zeebop has its very own “independent venue”, ready set ups, separate party area with its own service staff and bar counter distinctly away from the restaurant area. Food can be either be a-la-carte or a buffet banquet ranging from finger foods to a detailed spread of dishes.


Zeebop Restaurant & Party Venue is open for all types of parties such as Birthday parties, Anniversary parties, corporate parties, 21st Birthday celebrations, Conference meetings, Private Beach Weddings, Only Couple Weddings, Zeebop by the Sea stands ready to serve you through all your wonderful occasions creating cherish able memories for a long time to come.

How to have a Goa Beach Party with Party Professionals Zeebop by the Sea?
All we have to say is leave the Organizing headaches to us, Expect the best & put your Party worries to Rest. We will Work hard so that you can Party Hard.


How to have a Goa Beach Party?

Step 1: Search for a Quiet & Calm beach in Goa.
Party Needs: Most of the quiet and calm beaches are to be found in South Goa. North Goa beaches are crowded with tourists.
Party Ideas: One of the Quietest, Calmest & Serene beach in South Goa is Utorda beach. Utorda is not far from the crowded Colva & Majorda beaches.
Step 2: Search for a South Goa beach with lots of amenities & facilities for parting  full day on the beach or long into the night.
Party Needs:  The beach in South Goa has to have facilities such as separate toilets for Gents & Ladies, Basic washroom, changing room for ladies, Shower room, Safety deposit lockers, safe parking for vehicles etc for organizing a beach party.
Party Ideas: Zeebop Restaurant on Utorda beach professionally organizes Goa Beach Parties at their beach venue. Private parties are welcomed by Zeebop by the Sea.
Step 3: If it’s a big party make sure to get permissions and permits from the local bodies and government offices and police department.
Party Needs: The exact beach spot on the chosen beach has to be earmarked for the Party area. Nobody likes a rocking and happening party to be suddenly closed down for not following local rules & regulations. Permits, NOC’s and Police Clearance are a must before starting a party on the beach.
Party Ideas: Zeebop by the Sea Restaurant of Utorda having more than 12 years of experience in organizing beach parties at their “Private Beach Site Property” at Utorda beach have professional experience in getting any type of beach party organised successfully & comfortably.
Step 4: Ensure that there is an uninterrupted & unlimited supply of clean water at the beach site for toilet needs, drinking, for cooling the body and showering after a salty & sandy dip in the ocean.
Party Needs: If there is no access to tapped drinking water at the public beach, then you will have to make arrangements to carry sufficient and extra bottled water, not only for direct consumption to quench all the partying people’s thirst but also for making soft and hard drinks for the party.
Party Ideas: Zeebop Restaurant regularly organizes beach parties at his Utorda beach site, so there is provision of uninterrupted potable drinking water and stored water for all other needs too.
Step 5: Decide if you want to have a Daytime party or Sunset party or Late night Party.
Party Needs: According to the timing of your Day party or Night party, you will have to make sure that the beach party site is properly and sufficiently electrified for providing lights and sound support. What’s a party without lights at night and without powered / amplified sound for live or recorded music?
Party Ideas: Zeebop Restaurant of Utorda has all the necessary electrical, light and sound equipments for you to have a dazzling party. Zeebop even has Silent Generators as a backup if the Government of Goa electricity service breaks down.
Step 6: Decide and make arrangements for Food & Beverage to be transported or supplied or carried along by your friends to beach party site in advance. Make preparations for refrigeration or supply of Ice for cooling Beer bottles, Wine bottles, Cold drinks, Sodas etc.
Party Needs: Buy in Bulk and in advance of the beach party all your Snacking and Food requirements. Also need to buy Beer, Wines, Alcoholic spirits, Cold drinks, Mineral water bottles, Soda and get them refrigerated much before the party begins.
Party Ideas: Since Zeebop Restaurant organizes beach parties on a regular basis at Utorda beach and also since they have an Ala Carte Restaurant, so they can handle & provide Food & Beverage services to a max of 350 partying guests in the Open Banquet Area or in the 150 Table Covers area. Zeebop offers complete Indoor Catering Services for all types of food cuisines and they also have a supporting Bar to keep your partying spirits high.
Step 7: Will you bringing along your own Music System and Boom Box and Collection of recorded music for making some beautiful noise at the beach party?
Party Needs: If music is being self arranged for the beach party then, you will have to carry your Mixer, Powered Speakers, Amplifiers, Microphones, Projectors, DVD Audio & Video Players, Connecting Cables, Extension Cables, Projection Screen for Karaoke, Music CD collection and finally last but not the least a DJ (Disc Jockey) friend who knows to mix the latest party music.
Party Ideas: Zeebop are party professionals having more than 22 years in organising all types of parties for all types of party animals. Expect the best and leave the party organizing worries to rest.
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