Zeebop Bar

Zeebop by the Sea is a Family Bar cum Restaurant located on the sandy dunes of Utorda beach in South of Goa. Zeebop maintains a full fledged bar that stocks & serves its adult guests and patrons with alcoholic drinks such as Beers, Wines, Liquors and Cocktails for personal consumption only at the premises of Zeebop by the Sea Restaurant at Utorda beach.


Zeebop Restaurant has a dedicated area designated as the Bar counter and patrons who love to see their Cocktails and drinks made on the rocks can comfortably sit on the Bar Stools and engage the services of our professional Bartender who can brighten and enliven your drinking session with flaming drinks and bar tricks to surprise you.

Guests are also welcomed to make use only of our Bar & Bartender services in Zeebop Restaurant. Patrons & Guests may sit or stand at the bar and be served by the Bartender or they can sit at one of the many tables and be served by the restaurant waiters.

Zeebop is a bar destination on an idyllic Goan picturesque beach, with beer in one hand, feet in the white sand and a glorious sunset on the land’s end.

On every Tuesdays and Saturdays the Zeebop Restaurant becomes a Music Bar providing Free Live Music to all of its guests in the restaurant.

Zeebop Bar is a destination for Fantastic Fun, Finger licking Food and Palm Fresh Feni to give you a Goan high.  

For having a detailed look at our Bar Menu, please click here: BAR MENU

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