Welcome to Zeebop - by the sea

South Goa’s Best Seafood Restaurant
The Restaurant Zeebop or more popularly known as “Zeebop by the Sea” is marching gallantly and successfully towards creating a “Hat trick” of hopefully being selected and awarded the BEST SEA FOOD  Restaurant Award for full of South Goa, for the third time in coming 2014.


The Goan Seafood Beach Restaurant has been awarded twice in continuous succession for the past 2 years of 2012 and 2013.


The Food Connoisseurs, Times Food Guide knows, “What is Best in Seafood”
Critic’s Review by: Odette Mascarenhas

Bruno Coutinho presenting the Award for BEST SEA FOOD in South Goa to Mr. Sergio Dias of “Zeebop by the Sea” Restaurant of Utorda on behalf of TIMES FOOD GUIDE a Times of India Initiative.

Why is it called Zeebop?
Ask Sergio Dias this question and he will say that it was due to the famous Santana, the Mexican American rock guitarist famous in the Sixties.  Zeebop was his 11th studio album, and perchance Sergio was impressed by it to create a record of his own - this highly rated restaurant.  Crouched over swept and flattened white sand, it has perforated mud lanterns bobbing overhead and a hammock between the trees. The rumble of the waves and the thatched roofs add to the charm of rustic Goa.

A menu listing a variety of Goan and seafood grills may tempt even the foolhardy on a diet. As you sit on unblemished sand tracks, one can't but wonder if Santana's track had anything to do with this concept. "Searching": yes that was one of the numbers. If you are searching for seafood, Sergio has the right combinations with Batter-Fried Calamari, or even the Crispy Crab Stuffed Pappadums.

Santana plays another track called "Changes": what changes in cuisine has Sergio in store for us?
Goan definitely, with Continental seafood grills and a touch of fish Tandoor. Just right for a seaside experience. So try the Prawn Peri-Peri, or the Red Snapper with Butter Garlic, or even the Fish Kebabs. The third track is the Sensational kind: If Sergio were working on it, it would be his Goa Fish Curry with rice. Something to dip your fingers in and relish. As you sit there, whiling away the hours, look up to the heavens for a new track. Santana called it the "Brightest star". You will find it suspended right overhead in the inky dark sky. As you bid au revoir the last track will be playing "Over and over". You will be visiting this Zeebop over and over too.

Viva La Goa! – Long live Goa!

Goa is so westernized, laid-back, care free, charming, captivating and cool that one word represents Goa very well and says it all, that’s Susegado.
Popular with Indian & International travellers & tourists too, this smallest state of India beckons Millions of people who love Fun, Food & Frivolity.

Shackled by stress, Goa is the ultimate destination for stress busting and binging on the best seafood in the Only State of India that has Shacks (beach restaurants bang on the beach)

Get entranced by Goa Trance Music that has electronic beats that beat faster than your heart beats per minute.

Come. Fall in love with Goa. There is no other place like Goa in India. Viva la Goa!

Viva La Seafood! Long live Seafood!
Goa being a coastal state is having a sun kissed shore line of 105 kms providing each and every coastal village of Goa an ample opportunity of fishing the “Under water Treasures” of the Seafood kingdom.

True to its name, “Zeebop by the Sea” Restaurant is aptly & appropriately situated bang on the beach of Utorda which is a “Fishing Village” of South Goa.

Zeebop Seafood Restaurant has the ability & opportunity of putting the freshest fish to be delivered directly from the High Arabian Seas to your dining plate.

The Goan Seafood Chef & Cooks Skills are legendary all over the World. Goan Seafood includes a huge variety of fish as available seasonally: Kingfish, Pomfret, Tuna, Mackerel, Crabs, Baby Prawns, Tiger Prawns, Jumbo Prawns, Shark, Lobsters, Squid,  Mussels, Oysters, Shell Fish, Red Snapper, Sea Bass, Barracuda, Black Snapper, Concor and the list still goes on and on......

Goan Seafood at Zeebop by the Sea Restaurant can be prepared & presented in a host of ways: Raw fish Salad, Marinated fish, Poached fish, Battered fish, Fried fish, Cooked fish, Tandoor fish, Grilled fish, Shashlik fish, Curry fish etc.

Viva La Zeebop! – Long live Zeebop!
Zeebop is an Ala Carte Multi Cuisine Beach Restaurant of Goa more renowned and popular for its excellent Seafood – or “underwater treasures”’, as the restaurant itself describes in its Seafood Cuisine Menu.

What is Zeebop Restaurant about?

  1. It’s an Open Air Beach Restaurant.
  2. It’s a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant offering, Indian, Continental, Goan, Seafood and Tandoor dishes.
  3. It’s a Bang on a Goa Beach with Sand on the floor to tickle your feet and palate.
  4. It’s the, “Best Seafood Restaurant of South Goa” recognized by Times Food Guide for years 2012 & 2013.
  5. It’s a Beach Party Venue with Banquet Facilities for 350 Guests.
  6. It’s a Bar on the Goa Beach serving Cocktails, Mock tails, Wines, Beers & Spirits to keep you high & hippy & happy in Goa.
  7. It’s a Sunbed & Sun bathing restaurant on Utorda beach.
  8. It’s a Goan Restaurant, owned, managed and run by true blood Goans.
  9. It’s a Beach Restaurant of Utorda offering free Live Music to Guests.
  10. It’s a Goan beach Restaurant having around 150 Covers to service.
  11. It’s a Restaurant having its own “Dance Floor” on the beach when beach parties are happening.
  12. It’s a Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian and Fishatarian Restaurant of Goa.
  13. It’s a Beach restaurant that caters to Beach parties & Private parties providing Food & Beverage Banquet Facilities.
  14. It’s a Restaurant having separate “Smoking Area” for customers.
  15.  It’s a Fine Dining Restaurant with an Open air and Seafood Ambience.
  16. Its Children friendly, Family friendly, Group Friendly and Party people friendly restaurant.
  17. It’s a Sea – Facing Restaurant, So Glorious Sunsets are compulsory here.
  18. It’s a restaurant having ample of Parking Space and Free Valet Service too.
  19. It’s a fully “Outdoor Seating” facility restaurant.

Zeebop by the Sea, Restaurant is nicely sandwiched between the 5 Star Hotel of Hyatt and Kenilworth Resort, the best beach shack-style restaurant of Goa.

We welcome you to Foods so delightful and divine and fit for the God’s. We guarantee you that a bite at Zeebop’s will make you a Zeeboper for life.


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